Hair Removal Services

Mixed Elements offers a full line of waxing services for both men and women. Let one of our estheticians leave you with soft, hair-free skin.


Hair removal is viewed as an important step in beauty regimens for both men and women. Let one of Mixed Elements waxing professionals leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with soft, hair-free skin.

Using a variety of wax types, including both hard and soft wax, our wax experts will choose the best wax for you based upon area(s) being waxed and your sensitivity.

Wax is applied warm and gently removed for the smoothest skin. A soothing moisturizer is then applied for maximum comfort. Mixed Elements proudly stands behind our "no double dipping" policy. A fresh wax stick will be used each time in order to eliminate the risks associated with cross-contamination from double dipping. Your health, safety and comfort are our top priority.

Please allow at least two weeks of hair growth prior to receiving a waxing service.

Service Price
Lip, Chin or Neck15.
Brow & Lip30.
Full Face50.
Half Arm35.
Full Arm45.
Half Leg50.
Full Leg75.
Extended Bikini50.

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