Apple harvest FACIAL

Mixed Elements is excited to now offer HydroPeptide's complete line of anti-aging facials! The collection of facials individually targets skin concerns such as acne, brightness, hyperpigmentation, hydration and more all while providing extensive anti-aging properties.

Get red carpet ready for the holidays by resurfacing your skin with an apple stem cell peel for a vibrant glow! Defend against harsh winter elements and replenish dehydrated skin with a nourishing cranberry pomegranate mask, while botanical growth factors and peptides delay the first signs of aging.

After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, smoother, plumped and more nourished.

HydroPeptide home care collection is designed to further optimize treatment effects. Ask your esthetician which products work best for your skin type.

This seasonal facial is only offered for a limited time! Now through November 30.

Pumpkin Refresher Facial Features

  • relaxes expression lines
  • smooths and plumps skin
  • nourishes dehydrated, dull and tired skin
  • use HydroPeptide homecare for lasting results


Milbon has been creating hair that is healthy and beautiful from any angle- inside and out for over 50 years. Their brand new Scalp treatment is no exception!

Dry or oily, itchy or flaky — Milbon’s global research exposed the single root cause for all these undesirable conditions: excess fatty acids on the scalp.

The first step to normalize the scalp is to detox – by effectively removing unwanted fatty acids with the use of a purifying shampoo. The unique, non-drying foaming gel physically attaches to the fatty acid buildup to lift it away without stressing the scalp and hair. The 2nd step to normalize the scalp is to replenish essential moisture and oil with a lightweight hydrating treatment for the scalp and hair. Skincare-grade sugar squalane bolsters the scalp’s naturally occurring hydrolipid film to bind in moisture and protect the scalp – while imparting a natural shine to the hair and ensuring fullness.

A professional massage gel, only available with the in-salon service, is used to deeply exfoliate residual fatty acids clogging the follicles, offering an instant relief from these scalp issues. Infused with a selection of pleasant aromatherapy scents (citrus, rose, and vanilla) to soothe one’s senses, this is truly a facial for the scalp!

Please Note: this treatment does not include and haircut and/or blow dry, but can be added to either service! This treatment can not be performed on the same day as any chemical service such as color, highlights or permanent wave.

Milbon Scalp Features

  • combats five main scalp concerns
  • see results instantly
  • infused with aromatherapy scents
  • use SCALP homecare products for lasting results